Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Do Next?  I Just Finished My Firearms &/or Hunting Course.
Please see the information in this attachment for what you will need to do next now that you have completed the Non-Restricted/Restricted Firearms Course or the Ontario Hunter Education Course:  What Do I do Next – I Just Finished My Course


To get your PAL Application Form go to my Links Tab above

What are the new rules in 2019 for Fishing & Wildlife Licencing?
The attached information bulletin outlines all the changes as of January 2019:  New Fish & Wildlife Licensing Service

On Feb 26th, 2020 the NMRF announced Major Changes to Moose Hunting in Ontario:  Please go to the following link to understand these changes and for future announcements:  http://www.ofah.org/fishing-hunting/hunting/moose/action/


These changes will be phased in over two years (2020 and 2021) and include:

  • new bowhunting opportunities (2020
  • separate bow and gun tag quotas in many northeastern Ontario WMUs 
  • calf tag quotas in 5 additional WMUs (2020) and a new provincial selective harvest system with WMU-specific calf, cow/calf, and bull tags (2021
  • a new points-based system allocation system to replace the current two-pool moose tag draw (2021). 

The MNRF had proposed new restrictions on party hunting but based on the comments they received, have decided not to proceed with these changes.

Must I take the Firearm Safety Course or may I challenge the test?
Both the non-restricted and restricted firearms courses are now mandatory. Challenging the tests is no longer permitted.

I only want to shoot handguns. Am I able to take just the restricted course?
No, the non-restricted course is a prerequisite to the restricted course.


Can my 12-year-old take the Firearms or Hunting Course?
Yes, the courses are designed for people 12 years and older.  Simply click on this link & fill in this form:  Consent Form – Youth taking the Firearms Course

Consent Form – Under 16 Years Hunting Education

Then parents may apply for a Minor’s Licence, for children 12-17 years, to permit their child to possess a firearm under supervision.  Call Cathy Tingey at 1-800-731-4000 ext: 7548 to obtain information or an application.

What is the One-Stop Program?
The One-Stop Program is where a person may come to one instructor and conveniently receive training in “One Place” for both Non-Restricted Firearms & Hunter Education.

I only want to hunt with a bow, must I take the PAL course?
No, you are not required to take the PAL course unless you want to hunt with a gun.

I want to hunt with a handgun, is that possible?
No, hunting with a handgun in Canada is not permitted.

Do I receive my licences after taking your courses?
No.  The courses qualify you to make an application to the Federal Government for a Possession & Acquisition Firearms Licence called a PAL or to the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry for an Ontario Hunting Outdoors Card.

What qualifies you to teach these courses?
In Ontario, the Chief Firearms Officer has designated me to teach and examine the Canadian Firearms Courses (PAL), and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry has designated me to teach and examine the Ontario Hunter’s Education Course.

How are course prices determined?
Prices are set by the Chief Firearms Officer for the PAL courses, and instructors use the fees charged in both PAL & Hunting courses to support program staff, renting facilities, paying other instructors, supplying quality firearms and training equipment and more. As a result, firearm programs in Ontario are supported through this user-pay system.

Do you still have questions? Just go to the contact page and give Matt a call or email to get answers to any hunting and firearms related questions.


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