Hunter Education

Ontario Hunter Education Training

The all inclusive OHEP course is $190.50 (course, manual, testing & taxes)

A resident of Ontario wishing to hunt must attend the Ontario Hunter Education Program (OHEP) course and successfully complete the course test.

The Hunter Apprenticeship Safety Program allows Ontario young people between the ages of 12 & 14 to hunt.  An apprentice must successfully complete the course & test, and they must be directly supervised at all times by a qualified licensed adult hunter. The apprentice and the mentor share a single firearm or bow.  An apprentice wanting to hunt with a gun must also complete the Canadian Non-restricted Firearms Safety Course (CFSC).

It is suggested that in all cases the CFSC is taken before the hunting course as one builds on the other.

Between 15 & 17 years of age a young person is considered a fully licenced hunter in Ontario.

Parents may apply under the Federal firearms program to obtain a Minor’s Licence for the young person; thereby, allowing him or her to hunt with a borrowed gun under conditions specified on the licence.

To obtain a Minor’s Licence for hunting with a gun the young person must have successfully completed both the PAL & OHEP courses.  Parents simply call 1-800-731-4000 to obtain this permit for their son or daughter.

Hunters from another Jurisdiction

Hunter’s from other jurisdictions, who are now Ontario residents, may also obtain an Ontario Outdoors Card for hunting if they can present a hunting license or safety training certificate from another jurisdiction.

You are no longer required to take the Ontario course or challenge the Ontario hunting test.

One Stop Hunter Education Program

To reduce time, you may enrol in the One Stop Program.  This allows you to take the PAL & OHEP courses over two weekends (1 course per weekend) with the same instructor at reduced hours.  You may take both courses back to back when offered or at any time within 12 months.

For those persons 12-15 years old a parent must complete a Ontario Hunter Education Consent Form to have their child participate in a hunting course.

Wild Turkey Hunting in Ontario

Wild Turkey Courses and Examinations are no longer required in Ontario.  Taking the Hunter Education Course will now qualify you to hunt this amazing bird!

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