Non-Restricted Canadian Firearms Safety Course

This Canadian Firearms Safety course covers the safe use and storage of rifles & shotguns. This can be taken by anyone 12 years of age and up, however a person must be 18 years old to actually apply for and receive a PAL. Young people usually take the non-restricted course in order to gain knowledge and be able to borrow a shotgun or rifle for hunting, target practice or shooting competition.

To obtain a Minor’s Permit for hunting with a gun the young person must have successfully completed both the PAL & OHEP courses.  Parents simply call 1-800-731-4000 to obtain this permit for their son or daughter.

firearms safety - sketch of hunter aiming shotgun at birds

The non-restricted course is usually taught on a weekend (Friday night and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday), and it is a minimum of 8 hours in length.  All tests are administered immediately after the course. Your course fee includes the course, study manual, and testing.

This all inclusive course with student manual, all testing & all taxes (HST/GST) is $213.10, but if both the non-restricted and restricted courses are taken within a 30-day time frame of each other, with me, I will reduce the total cost for these 2 all inclusive courses to $360.00 (a savings of $66.20)

This course covers topics such as:

  • the major parts, types and actions of shotguns and rifles and how they’ve developed over time
  • safety practices for firearms and proper storage, transportation and handling
  • types of ammunition
  • firing techniques and procedures with practical training a simulated training environment that allows students to practice shooting without the use of live ammunition
  • responsibilities of a non-restricted firearm owner/user
Challenges:  As of June 18th, 2015 Challenges are no longer permitted pursuant to the Common Sense Firearms Act.  Only persons being retested after unsuccessful testing at a course may re-take a PAL test.

One Stop Hunter Education Program

To reduce time, you may enrol in the One Stop Program.  This allows you to take the non-restricted firearms safety course and the Hunter Education course over two weekends (1 course per weekend) with the same instructor at reduced hours. You may take both courses back to back when offered or at any time within 12 months.

Head over to our booking page to sign up for your course now or use the FAQ page or contact page to get your questions answered.

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